Galapagos Islands


Galapagos Islands

How would it feel to be bang in the centre of the earth, on an archipelago flanking the equator on either sides? How would it feel to be on a group of islands 600 miles off the coast of Equador created from sudden underwater volcanic explosion? How would it feel to witness stark differences between indigenous species and their mainland ancestors? How would it be to in the heart of the place which inspired Charles Darwin to formulate one of the most important evolutionary theories known to modern Biology? Surround yourself by the uniquely distinctive flora, fauna and emerald green waters of the Galapagos, and just…feel alive.

Capital: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

Currency: US Dollar

Official Language: Spanish

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Since These Islands Are Mostly Cruise Routes, You Would Mostly Stay On Your Cuise Ships.

Santa Cruz Island

This centrally based island forms the base for most tourists from which you can explore the other islands. Some of the major attractions of this place are the Bachas Beach, the Los Gemelos or the Twin Craters, the Charles Darwin Station, Black Turtle Cove, Cerro Dragón and much more.

Bartholomew Island

Home of the famous Pinnacle Rock, this incredible geological site is a staggering rock face, formed from an eroded lava formation from the eruption of an underwater volcano.

Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island

Sullivan Bay boasts of a wide lava flow, from a recent eruption some one hundred years old. This particular lava flow solidified into a mostly ropey appearance, which is locally known as Pahoehoe Lava. You can also see the Lava Bubbles, where volcanic gases in the flow escaped here.

South Plazas Island

Home to one of the largest sea lion colonies as well as the colorful land iguanas South Plaza is characterized by steep cliff formed by rising lava.

Santa Fe Island

Home to a small picturesque bay and anchorage, Santa Fe Island is also known as the Barrington Island. It is characterized by brush, palo santo trees and stands of a large variety of the prickly pear cactus Opuntia echios.

San Cristobel Island

Set in a gorgeous highland valley surrounded by pine forest, the colonial city of San Cristóbal boasts a comfortable blend of city and countryside, with restored century-old houses giving way to grazing animals and fields of corn. Pitt Point and Lobos Island are some of the most famous places to see here.

Espanola Island

Also known as the ‘Hood Island’, Espanola Island is one of the oldest and the most secluded of all the Galapagos Islands. Bahía Gardner, a lovely beach and Punta Suárez, a Birt watching spot is some of the popular tourist spots here.

Floreana Island

Home to the first Galapagos resident as well as the first post office, this Island was the first island to be colonized by Ecuadorians in 1832. Famous visiting sites are the Cormorant Point, the Post Office Bay and more.

Isabela Island

The largest of the Galapagos Islands, this is one of the most intriguing tropical islands in the world. Famous visiting places are the Tortoise Breeding Centre, the Tintoreras Islet, the Wetlands and more.

Fernandina Island

This is one of the least visited island because of it active volcanic state. Visitors to Fernandina can actually see the history of the island as made by the earth in the lava fields. Some of the famous visiting spots are the Mangle Point, the Espinosa Point and more.

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