Stark, Desolate and achingly beautiful, travel to Southernmost point of the earth - the Antarctic where White stretches as far as the eye can see. Surreal landscapes, diverse wildlife, untouched and pristine. The lowest point of the globe also has the highest elevation in the world, so in this case, every low has a high! Coexist with seals, penguins, and whales while cormorants swoop around overhead in graceful circles. Gaze in open wonder at translucent blue volcanoes and glaciers which rise out in majestic elegance right out of the sea Come to the Antarctic, where the end of the world, is just a beginning.

Drake Passage

The infamous Drake Passage has been described as the roughest stretch of water in the world. It is literally open water for hundreds of miles, where you can do much whale as well as dolphin watching. Other wildlife spotting opportunities would include Albatrosses, Prions, and Petrels that frequently follow ships for quite a distance.

Observation Hill

A 30-minute ascent from nearby McMurdo awards intrepid travellers with magnificent views of Mount Erebus and the Ross Ice Shelf, plus the \'Royal Societies\' range across the ice. You will also find here the Memorial Cross erected in honour of Captain Robert Scott and his polar party.

Deception Island

Located in the South Shetland archipelago, this place is revered for its thermal springs . Actually a caldera of a volcano, this is the place to come to if you wish to go swimming in Antarctic. It is also the world’s largest colony of Chin Strap Penguins.

Paradise Harbour

Paradise Harbour or Paradise Bay is surrounded by glaciated mountains and ice cliffs and together with the icebergs floating around here; it makes for a mesmerizing panorama.

Port Lockey

Port Lockey houses the only post office in the Antarctic region. So send a postcard to friend and family and make them a part of this amazing experience. You can also learn a lot from the museum here about early Antarctic explorations.

Lemaire Channel

One of the first channels to pass on your journey through the Antarctic Peninsula, Lemaire Channel has also being nicknames as the “Kodak Gap” by some. Lying between the mountains of Booth Island and the Peninsula, this is one of the best places to watch humpback whales that often escort boats through the channel.

Half Moon Island

This crescent moon-shaped South Shetland island is the site of an Argentine research station and also the home to a large chinstrap penguin colony, as well as nesting Antarctic terns and kelp gulls.

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